Take notice: versatile and elegant, Ruvane’s voice flows beautifully through her acoustic-electric soundbeds. It’s feathery in the upper register, hazy and world-weary down low.
— Chris Payne, Billboard

katie ruvane


is an indie singer-songwriter originally from small town, NJ. Ruvane has been bringing sultry soul to Nashville’s songwriter scene since she moved there four years ago at 18 years old. With a voice like honey and words wise beyond her years, this up-and-comer has music fanatics and industry folks alike falling back in love with stories. She has returned to Nashville after her first summer on the road,  opening up for legendary songwriter Angie Aparo at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta,  warming up the crowd for master slide-guitarist Jack Broadbent at The Sellersville Theater in PA, and performing intimate house shows all along the east coast. Part I. of her debut album The Lines premiered on Billboard on September 25th, which praised Ruvane’s “soulful folk balladry” as “versatile and elegant”. The EP released on all digital platforms two days later on September 27th, and is now available to download and stream everywhere. Ruvane is currently planning the release of Part II. and Part III. of the full-length album for this October and November. Details to follow.


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