To my family, my friends, my fans --

I am overjoyed to finally share with you all that I have partnered with Lost Harbor Music to create and release my first full-length album this year. Thank you for sweating through all the early coffeeshop gigs and school talent shows when I was a terrified 15-year-old. Thank you for finding my songs on the internet, for sharing my videos with your friends and for sending me the most encouraging messages and emails. I can’t wait to finally share all these songs with you.

With Lost Harbor’s help, I have put together a number of pre-order packages that I am STOKED about. All the money from pre-orders purchased will go directly toward compensating my incredible team of producers, musicians and artists, as well as covering legal, promotional and advertising expenses associated with this project. So pre-order the album, upgrade for exclusive merch, even open up your living room + host a house show for my tour this summer 2018! We’re just getting started — thank you for continuing to believe in me.