Cover Session Kickoff!

Happy Valentine's Day! Couldn't think of a better day to kick off a project that makes my heart feel full as HECK. Welcome to my Cover Session Series -- an ongoing project that I've taken on with two dear friends o' mine to bring one-take, live performance cover videos to y'all every month.

This is something I've been wanting to do for years, and something many of you have been asking for (oh so patiently). For those of you that have been following me, thank you for your continual support. You are my Valentines. And for people who've just stumbled across this video or my music: please come in, make yourselves comfortable, can I get you some tea?

Click the link in the title to watch Cover Session 001 right now and share with all your Valentines!!

The Best Night of My Life

This past Friday at Relik Vintage was one of the most special nights of my life. I’m so grateful to every person who helped me create this album, to every musicians who played at the show and every friend that attended. Thank you Beth White and Mr. Manager for sharing your incredible music and your incredible selves. Thank you to my UNBELIEVABLE band for not only being some of the most talented people I know, but for being the kindest and humblest humans: Conor McCarthy, Melissa Goldstein, Brendan Bird, Aaron Hicks and Julia Merideth. Another thank you to Jordan Hamilton for singing my most emo songs with me! THANK YOU Zach Bair for running the sound that night and making it absolutely perfect. You are a wonderful friend and the best at what you do!

Please follow and support these musicians, they are truly some of the best people I know. Thank you for a night I won’t forget. Until next time xx

Part III. Premieres on Noisetrade

Big thank you to Noisetrade for premiering Part III. on their music platform — exchange only your email address and postal code for quick downloads of exclusive content from artists you already love, or artists you’re about to! Super honored to share these tunes with the Noisetrade community. Check out my Noisetrade profile here: 

PART II. Premieres Exclusively on Billboard

This afternoon (10.18.18), Billboard released an exclusive premiere of Part II., the second installment of my debut album The Lines. I am over the moon and incredibly grateful to Chris Payne and Billboard for another opportunity to share my music with their readership. Part II. is almost yours.

PART I. Premieres Exclusively on Billboard

The first installment of Katie Ruvane’s debut album, The Lines, was exclusively premiered by Billboard today (9.25.18). Check out the article and a sneak peak at the songs in Part I. by clicking the title of this post! Part I. will release on all digital platforms this Thursday (9.27.18).

NPR Music Features "In The Hallway" on Website

Thank you so much to NPR Music and Marissa Lorusso for featuring "In The Hallway," my Tiny Desk Contest submission for 2018, and your All Songs Considered blog today! It is an incredible honor to see my own name on the very site I find most of my favorite underground artists! Feeling very seen + heard today -- a wonderful thing. Check out Marissa kind words about "In The Hallway" on NPR Music here:


To my family, my friends, my fans --

I am overjoyed to finally share with you all that I have partnered with Lost Harbor Music to create and release my first full-length album this year. Thank you for sweating through all the early coffeeshop gigs and school talent shows when I was a terrified 15-year-old. Thank you for finding my songs on the internet, for sharing my videos with your friends and for sending me the most encouraging messages and emails. I can’t wait to finally share all these songs with you.

With Lost Harbor’s help, I have put together a number of pre-order packages that I am STOKED about. All the money from pre-orders purchased will go directly toward compensating my incredible team of producers, musicians and artists, as well as covering legal, promotional and advertising expenses associated with this project. So pre-order the album, upgrade for exclusive merch, even open up your living room + host a house show for my tour this summer 2018! We’re just getting started — thank you for continuing to believe in me.



I built a new little e-house for us. If you're seeing this, thank you + welcome to the main hub for all my musical happenings. There is a lot in store for 2018, including the creation and release of my first full-length album, a huge pre-order campaign with exclusive merch, and some awesome live events on the way. In the meantime, make sure you join my Mailing List! Members will be the first to know about pre-orders and receive exclusive content -- don't miss out!! 

Talk soon,